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4 Nanas In A Car Productions is an independent Melbourne-based production company driven by storytellers passionate about producing multi-platform international content of the highest calibre.

We aim to entertain and evoke, to stimulate and surprise.

Our earliest stories are sometimes heard in the lap of our grandmothers, so with a loving and slightly cheeky nod to these women and their stories, and the power of words, we’ve used our imaginations to collect four nanas in a car and let the storytelling pour forth.

With networks of like-minded people in the US, UK and Australia, 4 Nanas In A Car founder Clare McGrath continues to explore all genres of storytelling, be it film, television, podcast and online – because like any nana can attest, it doesn’t matter how the tale is told, so long as it is told well.



Who We Are

A 30-year veteran of television, film and advertising, Clare McGrath is an accomplished producer, writer, casting director and researcher.

Clare honed her skills and knowledge of different genres by working with industry-best professionals around the globe, in recent years collaborating with Netflix and ITN (UK) on several documentary projects including an episode of the Netflix series Drug Lords. At home in Australia, Clare has worked with a score of production companies, playing key roles in multiple award-winning productions. This background equips Clare to identify emerging trends – from streaming to podcasts to short-form television – and to tailor content for modern markets with the acumen of an internationally-experienced media professional…tempered with the wisdom and wit of her quartet of namesake Nanas.

In Development

4 Nanas In A Car has several projects at different stages of development.

Project one is a true crime podcast that we are collaborating on.  It is currently in production and we are working towards it being released in 2024.  It’s a subject matter that needs to be highlighted and we are very proud of it. 

Our second project is a TV drama which is currently in development and we are looking forward to seeing it advance to the next stage very soon.

4 Nanas In A Car is also collaborating with some wonderfully talented writers on some really exciting film and tv scripts.

Contact Us

Unsolicited Scripts
4 Nanas is in the business of creating original content and therefore does not accept unsolicited scripts. If you have an original idea or script you are looking to develop, please don’t send it our way as we may have a similar idea incubating. Any unsolicited scripts received will be returned unopened and unread.